"A Cost Sharing Adventure"

Come Sailing with Us!

    The Corina Sailing Expedition is an opportunity to come aboard a sailing yacht for short or long voyages. We are on an expedition to sail the world and explore foreign lands, meet new people, learn about cultures, encounter land & sea life, witness beautiful scenery and learn history all while documenting the journey on our YouTube Channel.

    The Sailing Corina Expedition is a nonprofit endeavor made possible by the crews contributions and is subsidized by our Patreon supporters. This makes it possible for many that may not be able to afford this type of experience of a lifetime.

    What to expect?

    Good company, food, adventure and memories! You will have the choice to socialize or find solitude when needed. While on the boat, there is enough seating for seven in the cockpit. The large deck space allows people to be able to spread out with cushions. The salon/galley has a large space with seating for up to six. You'll also have your own private cabin giving even more privacy. While we are anchored, you will be able to leave the boat as a group or individual to explore the area. There is always a beach, town or city we will be anchored nightly unless you choose dates that will be doing overnight passages or offshore. The boat has snorkel gear for all crew, 2 paddle boards, fishing gear and the dinghy to go ashore and explore. Many locations rent scuba gear if its something you enjoy plus there are many more things to do including hiking, eating out, taking guided tours, renting scooters or cars. Its up to you to relax or be active.

    Each location allows you to come aboard, depart or continue on. The days between each location listed will give time to anchor and explore new places along the way.

    What is Shared Cost Crew?

    The crew pitch in toward the costs of food, water, fuel, government fees, ship maintenance, repairs, insurance, marinas and many other expenses. While aboard you will only be responsible for purchasing personal items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. and what you decide to spend ashore. Crew members will also contribute by preparing meals, keeping watch shifts while underway and cleaning personal and common areas. Each person or couple aboard will have their own private cabin.

    The contribution cost will be determined by the number of days on board and locations.

    Travel Insurance is highly recommended and will cover your cost of airline tickets, baggage, emergency medical and transportation for usually less than a hundred dollars. This is in case of any problems arriving, your time on the boat and return trip home. It covers cancellation due to weather or emergencies. Travel Insurance is well worth the investment and peace of mind. Get a quick quote here

    Schedule 2020

    La Paz, BCS, MX to Loreto, BCS, MX

    January 2nd to Jan. 8th | 6 Nights | Full

    Loreto, BCS, MX to San Carlos, Sonora, MX

    January 9th to Jan. 12th | 3 Nights | Full

    San Carlos, Sonora to Rosalia, Baja California, MX

    January 16th to January 20th | 4 Nights | Full

    Santa Rosalia, Baja California to Loreto, BCS, MX 

    January 22nd to February 1st | 11 Nights | Full

    Loreto, BCS to La Paz, BCS, MX

    February 3rd to February 15th | 12 Nights | Full

    La Paz, BCS to Cabo San Lucas, BCS, MX

    February 18th to February 27th | 9 Nights | Full

    Cabo San Lucas, BCS to Mazatlán, Sinaloa, MX

    March 1st to March 4th | 3 Nights | Full

    Mazatlán, Sinaloa to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, MX

    March 7th to March 15th | 8 Nights | 1 Cabin Available | $500 

    Puerto Vallarte,  Jalisco to Mazatlan, Sinaloa MX

    March 18th to March 23rd | 5 Nights | Full

    Mazatlan, Sinaloa to La Paz, BCS MX | 23rd  to March 27th | 4 Nights | Full

    Contact me for future opportunities.

    Frequentley Asked Questions

    Why is this being called a nonprofit expedition?

    According to the dictionary, NONPROFIT is not making or conducted primarily to make a profit. We are a nonprofit because everyone pitches in to make travelling possible and not to make a profit. EXPEDITION is a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration. This is exactly what we will be doing. We will be exploring as we travel.  Patreon members can also help keep the expedition moving forward with their pledges. 

    Why do I have to pitch in?

    Without crew pitching in, the trip would not be possible. The Corina Sailing Expedition is a group effort. Each crew member helps cover the cost of food and other expenses to allow us to travel. Contributing makes this possible for all aboard.

    What kind of  boat is it?

    S/V Corina is a 40' Hunter Legend that was completely refit in 2017-2019. The Captain stays in the forward V-Berth and has his own bathroom. The rear cabins are for singles or the partition can be removed to make it one large cabin for couples. There is a shared rear bathroom.

    Is there some agenda for the expedition?

    Yes. An agenda is a plan of things to be done or problems to be addressed and I am positive we will find many. I will be documenting the catastrophic affects of plastic making its way to the oceans and doing my best to collect trash and help any sea life that I can along the way. People need to become aware of the cause and affect of single use plastics and I will be sharing my findings on social media. 

    What if there are personality conflicts?

    We all hope everyone will be having such a great time that this issue will not arise. Of course it is a possibility but I feel there is plenty of personal space if someone needs a break. You will have your private cabin, the salon area, the cockpit, front deck space and time to go ashore for excursions. Crew should always avoid the hot topics like politics and religion and I hope we can all focus our attention to the experience we are sharing. Of course a person may decide to leave the boat early if they are having a difficult time.

    Why was the Corina Sailing Expedition created? 

    Due to work related injuries, doctors advised me that I would no longer be able to continue my business providing custom glass fabrication and installation. I needed to make a life change and decided to create the Corina Sailing Expedition.

    I  sold everything I owned and used most of my savings to buy the sailing yacht. I am a young 51 year old and a long way from retirement or social security. I have made a large investment purchasing the boat and will not be able to pay all of the expenses myself while traveling the world. I truly like to meet new people with a passion to travel and by having others join the voyage it will make it possible to keep heading over the horizon. 

    How can you keep on schedule with unknown weather conditions?

     I thought this scenario through very well. I have planned all the legs of the circumnavigation to coincide with the best weather windows for the different areas of the world. Of course the weather can and will cause delays at times which is why I added extra days to arrive between ports and a few days while stopped at each port. If we are delayed, we can make up time by not staying as long at one location. In the rare chance we are running well behind schedule, we will be able to know in advance. I highly advise everyone to purchase travel insurance to cover their airline tickets and travel deposits if there is a problem. 

    Can I help the expedition but not come aboard? 

    Absolutely, you have no idea how much I would appreciate the help to continue traveling and sharing the voyage with others. Our supporters through Patreon will feel like one of the crew watching weekly videos, reading blogs, invited to Live Video Q & A, receiving personal emails and a Google Earth link to see exactly where we are in real time. Even if you can not afford to make a financial pledge, you can help us greatly by subscribing to our YouTube Channel and following us on Facebook and Instagram. If we get enough subscribers we might be able to get help from our advertisers!

    How many people will be on the boat?

    Including myself, there can be 3 to 5 people on the yacht at any given time. This could be a combination of one single in a cabin or couples in the two cabins. Everyone will have a private cabin and there will never be more than 5 people at one time on the boat so this gives plenty of space for everyone. Oh, there are 2 bathrooms also! 

    How long can I stay aboard the boat?

    This is a good question that can be difficult to answer. Of course it will depend on your schedule and financial ability but there are also other factors involved. There may be a limitation due to the availability of cabins. Also, seasonal weather may cause us to stay in one place for an extended period of time. I may also place the boat in storage to fly home for a visit. So the length of time will need to be discussed and determined by the availability.


    What if I want to join the crew but at a later date or different place of the world? 

    We will not be able to change our course or schedule but please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you will be able to see our 6 month schedule to plan to reserve a cabin when and where you want. We will be circumnavigating the world headed due West from the Pacific side of Central America. 

    About the Captain

    Captain John Smith

    Captain John Smith has spent his life on boats beginning on Indiana Lakes as a child. He began his offshore sailing at the age of 31 when he purchased his first sailboat in Sarasota, Florida. 

    John purchased S/V Corina in February 2017 and has solo sailed from San Diego down the Pacific Ocean to Cabo San Lucas and then to the top of the Sea of Cortez. He has sailed to many locations in all areas of the Sea of Cortez for the last 3 years as a fulltime livaboard cruiser.

    With many years of experience and thousands of miles of sailing behind him, John has gained the experience needed to safely navigate Sailing Vessel Corina under many conditions that may be encountered.



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    Send us a message to reserve a cabin or for any  questions you may have.  We will get back to you soon!

    Corina Sailing Expedition

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    Email: Call or Text: (520) 339-8309

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    Past Guests



    I had the best experience on our Corina Sailing trip. I saw and learned so much during our one week cruise. The food was great and there was always so much to do with the paddle boards, snorkeling, fishing and exploring the beaches. I would highly recommend a sailing vacation.

    Aaron D. | Google Reviews



    Thank you John and Veronica at Corina Sailing for an amazing experience! 

    Gerry J. | Facebook Review



    Amazing two week trip from San Carlos to La Paz! The food was fantastic also spear fishing and scuba diving vacation of a lifetime and Captain Smith was a great sailing instructor. Can't wait to book my next trip.

    Kevin L. | Google Reviews



    Recomendado ampliamente estuvimos una tarde y fue una experiencia increible mi familia y yo queremos volver. 

    Claudia T. | Google Reviews



    We had such a great time reuniting friends and family to experience the sailing trip where we swam with dolphins and Manta Rays. I was able to experience the life of a sailor.

    Peter S.| Google Reviews



    My husband and I had the most amazing honeymoon on Corina. We did a two week trip, one way from San Carlos to La Paz. We visited many islands and towns. The scenery was spectacular, the food was great. We saw dolphins, a whale and so many different fish while snorkeling. We have memories to last a lifetime. 

    Veronica M. | Google Reviews